Governance: Overview

The Virtual University of Uganda is a private institution operating under the stewardship of its Board of Trustees. The University Council is the supreme authority in the university and is composed of a diverse group of experienced professionals and academics who have the best interests of the university at heart. The Senate is the university authority charged with overseeing the academic work of the university, including teaching and learning. The Senate is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. The Academic Board is the body which governs all students' academic work, regulates examinations, and recommends to Senate on all issues of admissions, examinations, and graduation. The Academic Board is presided over by the Director of Programmes (DVC AA / Dean).


Lady Justice Flavia Senoga Anglin, formerly Judge of the High Court based at Jinja, Uganda and now based in Kampala. To watch a video of the installation of Hon. Lady Justice Flavia Senoga Anglin, click here.

Chairman of Council

Mathematician Professor Patrick James Mangheni, was the CEO of the Research and Education Network for Uganda, and previously was Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies at Uganda Christian University. His Vice Chair is Miss Gertrude Kayaga Mulindwa, Director of the National Library of Uganda.

Vice Chancellor To be emended soon. Our new VC is Prof. Everd Maniple Bikaitwoha

Vice-Chancellor, Michel Lejeune, has lived and worked in Uganda for more than 40 years. Prof. Lejeune, as one of the original promoters of VUU was formerly Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Previously he was founding Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Martyrs University, where he managed to transform a dilapidated Teacher Training College at Nkozi into one of the best privately-run universities in Uganda today.

Previously he taught at various Ugandan institutions, including Makerere University, where in 1979 he set up an Institute of Medical Ethics and Law, which has now, unfortunately, disappeared from the academic radar. Prof. Lejeune returned to Europe in 1982 and taught at Dundee University, Louvain-la Neuve University, and Fribourg University in Switzerland before returning to Uganda in 1993 to set up UMU.

In 2006 he became Deputy Executive Director of the National Council for Higher Education in Uganda, where he was responsible for Quality Assurance in Uganda's Universities. He retired from the NCHE at the end of 2010 and was responsible for sourcing the seed capital to start VUU. Prof. Lejeune speaks French, English, German, Italian, Runyankore, and some Luganda.

Director of Programmes

Professor Deirdre Carabine, is an Irish-born philosopher who studied at the Queen's University of Belfast and University College Dublin, gaining a PhD in philosophy from the former and a PhD in Classics from the latter. She was one of the first post-doctoral “Newman” Scholars at UCD and taught both there and at Queen's from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s. She relocated to Uganda in 1993 to teach at the newly-founded Uganda Martyrs University. Having been Director of the Institute of Ethics and Development Studies and the newly-created School of Postgraduate Studies, she then became Deputy Vice-Chancellor. She moved to Kampala in 2006 to become the pioneer Vice-Chancellor at International Health Sciences University. She was also the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of VUU.

Having taught in Uganda for twenty years, Prof. Carabine's teaching specializations are international development, gender issues, ethics and integrity, and environment issues. She has, over the years, supervised more than 45 BA dissertations, 27 Master's dissertations, and 5 PhD theses. Her current areas of administrative expertise include curriculum development, educational administration, and the use of ICTs in the delivery of higher education. Prof. Carabine speaks English, French, German, and Irish.

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