Executive Master of Business Administration online

The demand for competent and creative business leaders and managers who will take business practice to the next level in the African context is undisputed today given the situation and realities on the ground. Transforming existing business practices will not happen overnight but will happen when sufficient numbers of business professionals adhere to best business practices. African business practices 3.0 will not only make business practices more efficient in terms of human and financial resources, but will also have a knock-on effect in terms of the region's social and economic development.

The programme builds on existing skills to ensure that resulting practices are taken to the next level. All courses in the programme are built to ensure that local realities are taken into account while at the same time looking to international best practices to bring business realities and practices in the region into line with international standards and practices. The overall aim of the programme is to develop a cadre of dynamic, creative, and highly-trained business professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about change in existing business practices in the East Africa region.

Programme Courses Generic

  • PGDBA 101 Strategic Leadership and Management
  • PGDBA 103 International Business
  • PGDBA 104 Strategic Operations and Procurement Management
  • PGDBA 105 Financial Management
  • PGDBAOG 101 Environmental and Cultural Impact of Oil and Gas Production
  • PGDBAOG 102 Refining and Distribution Networks
  • PGDBAOG 103 Governance and the Application of ISO Standard Frameworks
  • PGDBAOG 104 Oil and Gas Management
  • PGDBAOG 105 Procurement and Contract Management
  • PGDVUU 102 Governance, Ethics, and Integrity
  • EMBA 201 Practicum Report

Coming soon: Executive MBA with Hospitalityand Tourism Management and Environment Management specializations.
All the courses listed above may also be taken as stand-alone courses as part of Continuous Professional Development.

Admission criteria
All prospective students must meet the admission criteria as set for each programme of study in the University. The University shall follow the admission criteria as set by the National Council of Higher Education. All completed application forms should be sent to the University Secretary at the Virtual University of Uganda.

For entry to the postgraduate diploma in Business Administration, applicants should possess a good second-class degree from a recognized institution and achieved a pass mark in the VUU Graduate Admission Test. Ideally, applicants should have some job-related experience in the business world. All students should have an adequate knowledge of computers and access to a reliable internet connection, preferably owning a laptop and an internet USB dongle.

All students must have registered initially by the date stipulated in the university calendar. In order to access course materials online, students must pay the full fee for the course on the date specified. All fees are to be paid directly to the University's bank account. Bank slips or bank drafts will be acknowledged when registering for each module in a programme.

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