About Virtual University of Uganda

The Virtual University of Uganda is fully licenced by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education. As the first online university in the region, we are proud to be part of the technological revolution in tertiary education.

We aim to bring premier learning resources to professionals in the fields of public health and international development who wish to obtain a postgraduate qualification without having to take time off work or travel to an outside country. Our staff are experienced academics who are recruited locally, regionally, and internationally. VUU programmes are accessed through our dedicated learning platform (Moodle) hosted by UP Learning in The Netherlands. Our vast Open Access Digital Library is available to staff, students, and the general public 24/7.

We are working with Mbarara University of Science and Technology to deliver a world-class ICT for Development programme fully online, and University of Africa to make our online business administration programme available in Zambia and Southern Africa.

As a private institution, the mission of the Virtual University of Uganda is to achieve excellence in tertiary education provision through providing quality programmes of the highest standards to students who will contribute to positive development in society.

Student testimonies:
“Initially I did not know what to expect in the online learning programme although I had some basic computer knowledge. On commencement of my course, the whole model became very interesting and challenging (I liked the challenge part most) as I was exposed to a whole new world of learning and educative interactions with people from all corners of the world. Beside there was always the possibility of checking on information while interacting with tutors and fellow students.”Perry Gamba, pioneering PH student

“My experience studying virtually has been monumental. I am delighted to be among the pioneers of this course here in Uganda as well as among the first students to graduate out of VUU. Online learning requires a lot of discipline and time management. These are some of the values that came to play while I was a student for the last two years. The fact that it is self directed, it tests the learners ability to maneuver online tools, effectively plan to hit deadlines as well work under pressure to submit course works, tests and exams. I believe that VUU is an epitome of the new education revolution that caters for all regardless of geographic distance, space and time. The Moodle content is informative and empowering, enabling the learner to exercise self discovery. At VUU you get to learn from highly professional and knowledgeable lecturers who comply with international standards.” Abaas Mpindi, pioneering ID student

“Virtual University of Uganda is leading in eLearning. That should be good news for all who recognise the role of information technology in facilitating empowerment and transformation. At the start of the programme I was not sure what this would mean to me. To my delight I received all the technical guidance to access digitized course content and on-line lectures right from the start. I did not have the hastle of waiting for printed materials to arrive as was the case when I was doing BA distance education. The on-line lectures allowed me to interface with instructors and fellow students. This gave me opportunity to continue discussions outside the structured programme at my convenience. I learnt a lot when I was researching for and writing my MA dissertation. Thanks to the rigorous supervision I received and my own hard work. I am very satisfied with VUU.”Emmanuel Maraka, pioneering ID student and pre-PhD student.

The aim of the university is three-fold:

First: VUU strives to become the leading provider of quality online education for students who can learn (while they earn) at their own pace and in their own place, and who will, through receiving tertiary education of the highest quality, become instruments of positive change in their workplaces and in society, thereby contributing to development.

Second: the university is committed tol help build capacity in Uganda’s traditional universities by sharing knowledge and providing support to academic and IT Departments to digitize existing print-based distance-learning materials and to set up new online programmes.

Third: the VUU aims to become a hub for online education in the East and Central Africa region. To this end, the VUU programmes will be offered initially in English and later in French.

The major objective of the university is to train professionals who can contribute meaningfully to the positive development of their country in the sectors that are, and will be, vital not only to Uganda but also to the region, in the coming decades. Thus, the Virtual University of Uganda will bring tertiary education of the highest international standards to Uganda in order to prepare the coming generation, who are tomorrow’s leaders, to participate fully and meaningfully in the country’s development.