African Accounting Academy

The African Accounting Academy is a practical online self-paced program that provides learners with a deep understanding of basic accounting. Through practical and job-relevant training, we equip learners and employees with the skills required to excel in an accounting role.

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About This Course

The African Accounting Academy is an Accounting course created by Haystack Africa which is a division of FinanceYou International Inc .This courses takes approximately 100 hours to complete. Students independently complete lessons and exercises, analyze cases, and perform tasks they will be expected to complete in their roles as accountants. They receive automatic feedback that they are able to apply, ensuring they learn from their mistakes and can work independently to solve problems. Students are tested at the end of each topic to ensure they can apply the concepts they’ve learned.

What you will gain

  • ​​You will understand core accounting concepts and how to apply them to real-life work situations.
  • You will understand and identify internal controls in accounting and finance processes.
  • You will understand how to use an accounting system and be confident entering accounting data into one of the most common systems (QuickBooks Online).
  • You will be ready to solve accounting problems in a work environment.
  • You will gain knowledge required to further advance your career in the accounting field.

What you will learn

  • Accounting fundamentals (accounting elements, debits and credits, journal entries, analyzing transactions and financial statements)
  • Risks
  • Internal controls
  • Finance and accounting processes.
  • Budgeting
  • Taxation
  • Excel
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Professional best practices

Target Group

  • Accounting assistants and Junior accountants​.
  • Bookkeepers.
  • Finance Associates.
  • Any other employees that interface with accounting processes or accounting software e.g. office managers
  • Anyone interested in learning and Understanding basic accounting


1. Computer, with a valid copy of Excel and Google Chrome*
2. Stable internet connection
A computer and a stable internet connection are required to complete the course. There are certain exercises that can be downloaded to your computer and completed offline. However, the majority of lessons, videos, exercises, and end of lesson quizzes require an internet connection. A mobile phone can be used for some lessons, but using Excel and QuickBooks Online requires a computer.
*Note: Please use Google Chrome to access the course

Meet the team

Pascal Ambrosino
CPA from Canada
Course Facilitator
Erin Godard
CPA and CFA from Canada
Course Facilitator
  • Duration:

100 hours 

  • Mode of Delivery:

Online (self-paced)

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