Best 7 free online plagiarism checkers with percentage for students

Plagiarism is a term that most of the students are familiar with. In case they aren’t its copying someone else’s work and using it for your purposes. This is considered as pilfering intellectual property. Whether preparing a research paper, dissertation or any other work that is research related Plagiarism is something that the writer needs to ensure doesn’t show up. This is important to certify that the work is completely genuine. 

Plagiarism can be deliberate and accidental. There are also certain other types of plagiarism as well that might arise in your work. To make sure that your work remains plagiarism free, you would need a plagiarism checker. 

Luckily, several sites provide the tool for checking plagiarism online and for free. Plagiarism checkers are believed to be a very effective way of making sure that your work is not plagiarized from any source. 

Though many sites are offering free plagiarism checker online with percentage, all of them might not be very effective. This is because of the lack of resources and a diminutive database to scan from. 

Our list of Top 7 Online free plagiarism checker with percentage will help any student looking for an effective tool for their work. 


The provides a lot more benefits than just a plagiarism checker. It comprises of 95+ tools that are beneficial in writing. Students can use all of its tools for composing a successful paper. However, its plagiarism checker is one that stands outs. 

As already described above plagiarism can be deliberate and accidental, you need to make sure that you are not plagiarizing someone else’s work because in certain situations it gives rise to academic misconduct. 

Uploading a file into the Prepostseo online plagiarism checker tool is extremely easy. You can either copy and paste it into the tool or upload it. The file can be uploaded in several formats like, txt, doc, docx, and pdf. It generates a very reliable report and within minutes. 

The Plagiarism checker with percentage has a very extensive database. It runs several scans from it and presents a very dependable report. 

One of the things that students are most concerned with is related to the security of their work. This tool ensures its user that the work uploaded into it is not used somewhere else. It will remain safe and private. 


The Quetext is a pretty online plagiarism checker with a percentage that is established on Regular Language Processing in addition to Engine algorithms. It is available online and free of cost so students can easily access and use it for their benefit. 

The free plagiarism checker offers a word limit of 20,000 words each search which is enough to easily check plagiarism for a large file at once. 

Quetext matches documents to different online sources. It does not consider regular phrases as plagiarizing to avoid incorrect plagiarism recognition. It uses an original algorithm engine, which does not compare and spot similar meaning but tells if there are matching results from a specific source.

The scans are made within minutes. The report generated highlights the copied part along with providing a similarity percentage. This makes spotting plagiarism easy so the writer can edit the text accordingly. 

The report is also downloadable in case you need it. It also lets its users know that their work will remain protected and won’t be saved nor leaked anywhere else. 

The Pensters 

The Pensters is created especially for students. The free plagiarism checker offers up to 5 checks a month. The word limit is pretty high which means that you can scan your research paper pretty easily. 

The Pensters online plagiarism checker with percentage provides the students with peace of mind. It does this by offering a very resourceful and reliable plagiarism checker. Uploading text into the tool is straightforward. You can copy-paste the text into it or upload the file directly.

It has a very extensive database. The tool runs thousands of scans before presenting a report. The copied area is highlighted and a similarity report is produced. This shows how much of the work is copied from different sources. The content uploaded is also protected and not misused.

A detailed report and a detailed analysis not only spot the plagiarism from different sources. Additionally, it tells the writers where it is copied from the plagiarized area as well. This helps the students to time change the assignment and protects them from the hassle of redoing it. 

The Pensters provides relief to several students out there. It is a very fast and ingenious tool for checking plagiarism online for free. 


Noplag is a free plagiarism checker that is accessible online. It has the latest interface and an inclusive variety of flexible selections, for example, references and citation recognition, synchronized authentication of numerous papers, reports, and other research papers.

Instead of checking from online sources and its database, Noplag allows you to produce a custom collection of your private content. This is an excellent way of avoiding plagiarism that may arise from your previous work. 

The tool offers a word limit of up to 100,000 words for one check. The Noplag runs thousands of scans from a very comprehensive database that consists of 5 Million articles, research papers, journals, and more. 

You can upload the file onto the tool easily. It maintains its list which can be used to match your latest work with older ones. The plagiarized area is highlighted to make it convenient for editing. The report produced consists of a similarity percentage and can be instantly downloaded or shared if required.


The plagiarism checker by EduBirdie is an online tool that is designed specifically to identify identical content in your writing. For quicker and more precise results, the tool allows its users to the kind of paper they intend on checking for plagiarism like research papers, essays, resumes, etc.

You first have to post the title of your file to direct the tool in a particular direction. Uploading the text into it is extremely easy. You can either copy-paste it directly into the tool or you can upload the file. You can upload the file in multiple formats like odt, txt, rtf, pdf, docx, and doc.

There is a very high word limit for it which allows the writer to scan their content at once. Its wide database is used to run thousands of scans to produce a very reliable report within minutes depending on the size of the file. 

Search Engine Reports

The Search Engine report an online free plagiarism tool that produces very thorough results along with generating a similarity percentage to benefit its users. There are multiple ways of uploading text into the tool. You can opt for directly copy-pasting it into the plagiarism checker or upload a file. 

You can upload the file in the plagiarism checker with the percentage in several formats. There is also an option to search for plagiarism from a certain URL. It is useful if you just want to check your content from a particular source. There is also a choice of excluding URLs; you can exclude multiple URLs at once.

The Search Engine Reports online plagiarism checker tool is a fine choice for students who want to check for plagiarism to minimize the risk of redoing their assessment. 


The Writix online plagiarism checker is one of the fastest and efficient tools available online. It is accessible without any cost involved. One thing that makes it prominent is its unique algorithm. 

The Plagiarism checker with percentage has a very unique algorithm that performs thousands of checks and finds plagiarism. The tool allows the writer to select whether the type of assignment. The title needs to be added, this allows the tool to search from the directed topic. 

You can either copy-paste your content or upload it in txt, Docx, and pdf format. The report is generated in minutes depending on the volume of your file. The Writix plagiarism checker ensures its user that their content will only be used for the intended purpose and no somewhere else.