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By Bill Gates

UCF’s success is its focus on digital learning, which has allowed the university to meet the needs of its expanding student population and keep tuition costs low. As higher education costs rise, the education gap is growing. Solving this challenge will require our higher education institutions to expand access to students of all economic backgrounds and provide them a high-quality, affordable education.

By Melinda Gates

A college degree is a proven pathway to a better future in this country—but with so many competing priorities in their lives, that path isn’t always accessible. Technology can help open this pathway to more students. 

By Kelechi Udoagwu

We will need to produce 70% more food than we do today to feed 2,3 billion people that will be added to the world’s population by 2050. And we will have to do this in spite of increasing effects of climate change, scarcity of resources, and growing levels of inequality around the world.

By eNyota learning

Key here is policy training, anti-discrimination policy training, and even getting employees to be aware of biases that may creep into their day-to-day interaction with customers. An ideal mix of blended learning is the key to sustainable ongoing training instead.

Technology advancements have always had an important impact on industry development, affecting even the most traditional systems such as education. Following the general change of people’s habits and the world’s job market structure, the education sector has gone through a large-scale transformation over the last few years.

Much as there is a lot of collaboration among researchers and academics in Uganda with those in other parts of the world (mainly the US and Europe), sharing of content and services has not been straightforward.

eduGAIN is simplest enabler for this sharing, and RIF’s joining of eduGAIN will open up many possibilities for RENU member institutions. 

By Dr. Adalbertus Kamanzi, Director of Programmes

“Wakati ukuta” is a Swahili saying meaning that “time is a wall”. This proverb alludes to the fact that if one fights against time, he/she is fighting with something as hard as the wall; lets say you punch the wall, the consequences are that you will hurt your hand. Online education is here with us: it is the thing of the time.

Justin Geno Obwoya of VUU publishes his dissertation in the International Journal of Population Research. A testament to our quality education.

We are the first fully online university for Sub-Saharan Africa and fully licenced by the National Council for Higher Education in Uganda. We are also leading postgraduate e-learning University in the region for: Information and Technology, Public Health, International Development and Executive MBA.

Right now, a lot of the [voice, SMS, and data] traffic is being routed via carriers that take it outside the continent and back down to Africa. Yet there is no technical or economical reason for this beyond the fact that networks have been configured this way.

Virtual University of Uganda successfully hosted a business reception and panel discussion at Kampala Serena Hotel on 18th January 2018 in conjunction with the British High Commission & PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Uganda.