Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

The Conflict Resolution and Peace Building course introduces participants to a critical analysis of different approaches, the causes, dynamics and consequences of conflict, and subsequently designing interventions with the aim of resolving such conflicts peacefully and justly.

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About This Course

This certificate level course is designed to equip participants, essentially in conflict management environment, managers, workers, with an overview of various approaches to analyzing conflict and designing conflict interventions.

The course will also blend theoretical and practical approaches to the topics, Critically engage with the literature as well as examine its normative potential, study theoretical and historical frameworks for conflict resolution and design, explore approaches to interventions in various kinds of conflict and attend to particular considerations that have a bearing on how we attempt to resolve and transform conflict.

What you will gain

  • You will be able to Demonstrate a basic understanding of the major approaches to analysis and design covered within the course.
  • You will feel confident going about an analysis of a given identity-based conflict in which they are interested, and designing an appropriate intervention
  • Be capable of analyzing the perspectives and work of other scholars and practitioners on the course topic thoroughly and critically present coherent, articulate and thoughtful oral and written arguments regarding the course topic.
  • You will be able to critically analyze the role of power, culture, and religion in Conflict Resolution

What you will learn

Module 1:Overview of the course and conflict concepts
Module 2:Frameworks for Conflict Analysis
Module 3:Thinking About Third Party Intervention
Module 4: Intervention Possibilities
Module 5:The Ethics of Conflict Intervention
Module 6:Local strategies for Conflict Resolution
Module 7:Intractable Conflicts
Module 8:Facilitating Peace, Justice and Post-Conflict Transition
Module 9:Considerations in Analysis and Design
Module 10:Culture and Religion
Module 11:Power
Module 12:The International Institutions in Conflict resolution
Module 13:Challenges in African Conflict Resolution Mechanisms

Target Group

  1. Officials or Public servants with any relevant diploma from a recognized institution.
  2. Graduates from any university discipline wishing to enlarge their scope of the international and domestic public domain/realm.
  3. NGOs
  4. Practitioners in Humanitarian aid organisations.
  5. Individuals interested in gaining skills in conflict resolution and peace building.

Meet the team

Mansour Arbab Younis
Course Facilitator
  • Duration:

8 weeks

  • Mode of Delivery:

Online or Face to face

  • Cost:

$ 150 – Uganda
$ 300 – International

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