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About the Corporate Academy

The Corporate Academy is a semi-autonomous business unit/function of the Virtual University of Uganda (VUU). Its origin and establishment arose from a need to carter for tailored expert training and skilling through short courses and soft skill programs.  Our emphasis is grounded in bringing new learning methods and tools to as many learners as possible to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century. Our courses and training are aligned with modern business needs and we customize them accordingly with each business and partnership.

The Academy has trained and certified professionals across a wide-range of categories such as Oil and Gas , Business Management, Public Health, Tourism and Hospitality, Languages, Banking, Information and Computer Technology, Health and safety, Environmental studies to mention but a few. Soft skill training programs are also available and are tailor-made to suit organizational or personal required skills in particular areas of need. Our certification training programs adhere to global standards and go through our Quality assurance systems.

The Academy’s programs are offered through short courses that are co-offered and co-certified by global Industry partners and professional associations. Our Short courses range from 5 Days to 6 months depending on the structure, the facilitator and the content.We deliver our programs online, face to face, and self-paced allowing the busy working individuals to work while they can also study and achieve their educational needs.

The Academy has a myriad of short courses in the areas mentioned above. We are partnering with a number of professional entities both at Industry and education level and these include; Strathmore University, Manitoba Hydro International Academy, FinanceYou International, The pace-maker Group, Petromall Limited, Global Energy Talent (GETS), Brands and Beyond, Health and Safety Efficase Solutions, Fortinet Cyber Security, Strategia World Limited, The sustainable leadership Institute, The Corporate theatre to mention but a few, and these are in addition to a long list of Consultants that are on board to offer training in different areas of expertise.

Corporate Group Training for Enterprises

The Corporate Academy Training Programs for Enterprises provide knowledge and particular skills required by different Enterprises. Our high-quality training enables Enterprises to achieve high-impact learning that results in increased knowledge, competence, and performance.
It is stated that high-impact learning Enterprises have a 37% greater employee productivity, 34% better response to customer needs, and 26% greater ability to deliver quality services.

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We invite trainers who are subject experts and have a passion for teaching with relevant experience in the training domain.

Our endeavour is to create a global network of highly qualified trainers and industry experts that will deliver globally recognized training and certification programs across the globe.

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African Accounting Academy

The African Accounting Academy is a practical online self-paced program that provides learners with a deep understanding of basic accounting. Through practical and job-relevant training, we equip learners and employees with the skills required to excel in an accounting role.


Creating awareness about the need to earn a skill and equip refugees with skills related with technology, entrepreneurship, and languages..

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