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The Corporate Academy Training Programs for Enterprises provide knowledge and particular skills required by different Enterprises. Our high-quality training enables Enterprises to achieve high-impact learning that results in increased knowledge, competence, and performance.
It is stated that high-impact learning Enterprises have a 37% greater employee productivity, 34% better response to customer needs, and 26% greater ability to deliver quality services.

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We invite trainers who are subject experts and have a passion for teaching with relevant experience in the training domain.

Our endeavour is to create a global network of highly qualified trainers and industry experts that will deliver globally recognized training and certification programs across the globe.

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Upstream Oil and Gas Engineering Fundamentals

This course will provide you with an overview of principal activities in the international upstream petroleum industry.

The course will explain the position of the upstream section of the oil and gas industry in the value chain. It will also include conventional and unconventional resources, drilling and production processes and facilities, economic fiscal and risk issues.

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