Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Throughout this course, you will be guided to take a structured approach to dismantle and clarify the various components of problems, and understand the inputs and implications of your thought processes. This way of thinking will allow you to develop positions on issues that are logical and explicable to others.

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About This Course

This course will teach you that the  ability to think critically and make the right decisions in specific situations is just as important in professional life as it is in personal life. Critical thinking and decision making skills are not the same thing as intelligence, rather they require a focus on examining multiple points of view and using objective, bias-free thinking.

As a result of using critical thinking skills, managers can make effective decisions by identifying and choosing the best option among multiple alternatives in specific situations. Business decisions based on critical thought processes are reasoned and defensible. Effective managers who have good thinking skills guided by the norms of rationality can work more logically to implement strategic business plans.

What you will gain

  • You will be  able to identify thinking flaws, differentiate between good and bad suggestions.
  • You will be able to communicate persuasively, and manage difficult people or circumstances, especially in crisis situations.
  • You will be able to take rational decisions that are made after considered judgment, which, when properly executed, result in effective action.

What you will learn

  • Analytical and Creative Thinking 
  • Characteristics of Critical Thinkers 
  • Critical thinking Process 
  • Dealing with Assumptions, Beliefs, Egos and Emotions 
  • Crisis Thinking
  • Gauging Uncertainty and Avoiding Ambiguity 
  • Assessing Arguments and Deriving Conclusions
  • De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats 
  • Putting it into practice with the help of case studies.

Target Group

  • Anyone with an interest in improving their logical and critical thinking skills

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