Entrepreneurship Development in the Petroleum Industry

Learn about business development and key opportunities for well established, prospective and emerging entrepreneurs along the upstream, mid-stream and downstream phases of crude Oil and Gas developments in Uganda and East Africa. At what stage of the Oil and gas value chain should your existing/new startup invest, how, when, why?

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About This Course

This training programme is designed to provide delegates a full and comprehensive understanding of the Oil & Gas Industry value chain beyond employment to business/entreprenuership development opportunities. The training is intended to offer further knowledge, skills and competence on the skills development requirements at various Oil and gas industry development stages.

Delegates will assess the various development phases including business and skills development needs to facilitate better investment.

What you will gain

  • You will be able to comprehend the nature, practicalities and realities of the Oil & Gas Industry and complexities internationally.
  • You will be able to critically review and appraise the Oil & Gas Lifecycle, e.g., exploration processes, reserves investigation, drilling, extraction methods, transportation, processing of crude Oil & Gas, refining and sale of products.
  • You will be able to evaluate typical forms of agreements between exploration and production companies, host government and other related stakeholders (partners).
  • You will be able to provide advice to businesses and personnel on skills development and positioning along the integrated Oil & Gas Industry supply chain.

What you will learn

  1. Upstream, midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Activities
  2. Key National and International development stakeholders
  3. Contracts, Licensing and Ownership in upstream
  4. Industry skills Development Demand
  5. Business Development along the Oil & Gas value chain
  6. Entrepreneurship Development for the Petroleum & support sectors case study

Target Group

  • Beginners and any new starters in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Oil & Gas professionals who are keen to attain a holistic and integrated overview of the Oil & Gas Industry in a structured approach
  • Individuals and enterprises moving or seeking new careers or business opportunities
  • Any professionals who aspire to learn the basics and fundamentals of Oil & Gas Industry

Meet the team

Gwamba Gerald

Irene Kawala
Director, Corporate Academy

Haula Bayigga
Coordinator, School of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Duration:

2 days (16 hrs)

  • Mode of Delivery:

Online or Face to face

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+256 700 518 378

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