e-conference at The Virtual University of Uganda

May 2019

Road transport is facing its busiest times today. There has been an exponential increase in the number of road users (pedestrians and vehicles, and sometimes even animals). The same roads are also constantly being repaired and maintained at the same time. Next to these roads are businesses and industrial operations.

The busy roads call for attention to transportation safety, compromised by the increase of accidents, pollution, and different social and environmental disruptions.

This E-Conference calls for a discussion around “Road traffic safety for the public good”. Students and professionals in safety and transportation. Policy makers and road users are all encouraged to take part.

Digital transformation: Tapping the opportunities for higher learning
Thursday 15 November 2018
The digital era has completely transformed our way of thinking, with information spreading very fast and reaching wider spectrum of people. As a result, traditional actors in education such as families and formalized educational institutions are lagging behind the players that are leveraging the internet to disseminate data.