Finance and Accounting for Oil and Gas Regulatory Authorities

This course will introduce you to the commercial aspects that underpin the hydrocarbon industry as well as the Government’s key role in the hydrocarbon industry.

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About This Course

This Oil and Gas Accounting and Finance course will help you develop and be capable of using advanced critical knowledge and understanding of the accounting for upstream activities and the financial arrangements/implications of a broad spectrum of oil and gas ventures. You will also develop your practical problem-solving, analytical financial modelling and essential transferable skills in the financial risks and rewards of oil and gas investments within relevant accounting, regulatory and policy guidelines.

What you will learn

An introduction to the oil and gas industry

  •  Origins of petroleum
  •  Today’s industry (E&P, refining and marketing) • World demand and supply. The commercial aspects that underpin the hydrocarbon industry
  •  Commercial considerations – risk v. reward
  • Petroleum prospecting and exploration considerations
  •  Securing the right to explore for and exploit hydrocarbons
  • The Government’s key role in the hydrocarbon industry
  •  The role of governments and their agencies
  •  Managing overseas investment (production v. service contract)
  •  Production sharing contracts.
  •  Introduction to oil and gas accounting and reporting
  •  Accounting for exploration, development and field operations
  •  Calculating the government’s entitlements.

Target Group

  • Personnel from finance & treasury.
  • Individuals with an accounting background.
  • Individuals interested in  learning the basics of Accounting and Finance in the oil and gas industry.

Meet the team

Geoffrey Killick
Course Facilitator

Irene Kawala
Director Corporate Academy

Haula Bayigga
Coordinator School of Energy and Hydro Carbons
  • Duration:

1 week

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  • Cost:
$ 700 – Uganda
  $ 900 – International
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+256 700 518 378

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