For the past 14 years, François has been  the Consul: Head of Administration in Kampala (Uganda), Dar Es Salam (Tanzania) and Nairobi (Kenya). He has also worked with Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Press, Information and Communication Directorate In charge of the publications “Politique étrangères de la France” and “Actualité en France” as well as a school teacher for about 18 years in France, Lybia, Ethiopia and Morrocco. 

Education background

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Montréal – Québec, Canada
  •  Doctor of Letters (Comparative Literature):University of Paris XII – Créteil, France,

  • University of Burgundy – Dijon, France DEA in Comparative Literature: Waugh and Abyssinia

Research papers and articles


  • Coordination of Karibu Tanzania – Dar es Salam, March 2012.
  • Coordination of Karibuni Uganda – Kampala, March 2007.
  • Montreal, Paris: the challenge of free dailies – Quebec: MultiMonde, June 2004
  • The trip to Ethiopia, last trip to the Orient – Paris: L' Harmattan/Les Nouvelles d' Addis, October 2001
  • From Addis Ababa to Djibouti by Train – Paris: Éditions de l' Harmattan, April 1995

Papers (selections)

  1. Orwell and the Discovery of Totalitarianism in Aden: Paul Nizan and the Thirties, n°5- Paris, September 2006.
  2. Les journaux gratuit à Montréal "in L' Annuaire du Québec 2004 – Éditions Fidès, November 2003
  3. Ethiopie, le pays où la presse était francophone in Les Cahiers de la Francophonie – Paris: Haut conseil de la Francophonie, October 1996
  4. Bonjour, ça va, un journal franco-éthiopien in Connaissance du français – Paris: Mission laïque française, October 1996
  5.  Spelling and Francophonie in Connaissance du français – Paris: Mission laïque française, April 1995.
  6.  Lecture-écriture: exercices de style in Connaissance du français – Paris: Mission laïque française, January 1995.