Greenhouse gases, climate change and CCS

This training will equip you with tools to identify adaptation needs, formulate adaptation plans as well as gain new technical information and best practices at the intersection of climate change and development.

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About This Course

 This course will teach you the key elements on how to protect the atmosphere with the technology of Carbon Capture and Storage, often called CCS, from an excess of carbon dioxide, the fundamental drivers to make fossil fuels ‘safe to use’ in the Paris Climate Change agreement of 2015, key sectors of the global economy where CCS can contribute to deep reductions in emission, the uniqueness of CCS to complement other low-carbon technologies and the principles of the technologies currently being used to stop carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere

What you will gain

1.Be familiar with general climate change science and the various technologies available to reduce greenhouse gases;
2.Understand how CO2 capture and storage can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
3.Understand the current status of CO2 capture and storage technology.

What you will learn

  1. Greenhouse effect
  2. The “greenhouse gases” of human origin
  3. Effects of “greenhouse gasses”
  4. Energy trends and emissions
  5. Possible remedies                                                                                                     
  6. CO2 capture
  7. CO2 transport
  8. CO2 storage (DSA, ECBM, EOR)
  9. The public acceptability of CO2 storage
  10. CO2 reuse

Who Should study this course

  • regulators and government officials
  • ENERGY industry professionals new to the industry
  • Non professionals enthusiastic about the energy industry.
  • Meet the team

    Roberto Bencini

    Haula Bayigga
    Coordinator, School of Energy and Natural Resources
    +256 703 910 168

    • Duration:

    2 weeks

    • Mode of Delivery:

    Online or Face to face

    • Cost:

    USD 400 – Uganda
    USD 600 – International
    USD 800 – Organisations

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