Health and Safety: Employer Ban Cell Phone Policy.

Our safety team reviewed the National Safety Council data and other widely distributed information from public sources associated with cell phone use while driving, and the risk was clear. We knew it was time for us to act. Due to the culture of safety, we’ve been able to create in our company, a policy
concerning this issue had to a part of it.

It came down to expanding our efforts to eliminate risk even further. Our company’s performance in safety had reached a point where our injuries had significantly decreased, so we continued to focus our efforts toward eliminating risk before an injury happens. Broadening these efforts took us to a place where we knew every employee would be affected. Just as we would expect in our plants, when this risk was fully recognized, we decided to take action to eliminate it.

A lot happened behind the scenes to prepare for the rollout of the implementation plan. Our CEO actually went for 90 days adhering to what would become our policy for all employees – no cell phone use, handheld or hands-free. That he could do that without it affecting his productivity became a key factor in the messaging to employees during the implementation.

Our policy covers all drivers, prohibits handheld and hands-free use and applies to any situation where an
employee is conducting company business.

A Case Study

Company: Owens Corning
Number of Employees: More than 15,000 in 27 countries
Interviewee: Matt Schroder, Internal Communications and Corporate Media Relations Leader

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