Welcome from Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to the Virtual University of Uganda (VUU).

Choosing where to do your postgraduate education from is often a very difficult question for many people, especially adult professionals. 

At VUU, we provide high quality, world-class post-graduate education at Masters degree, Diploma and Certificate levels using a user-friendly online learning platform. This enables students to advance their education and careers without leaving their work, home or country. They keep their jobs and learn while earning and staying with their loved ones!

Teaching takes place at convenient times that allow the student privacy and continuity of education. Our  learning platform is  downloadable on mobile devices, permitting mobile learning without the student missing classes or content due to other commitments. In our training model, the learning is student-led and the professors simply facilitate the process and serve as role-models for the student. Payment is conveniently done online. We offer programmes meant to equip the graduates with skill sets that transform them into innovative, competitive, and decisive leaders in their professional fields.

The students and staff are international, offering the student a chance to make international connections that they can leverage in their social and work life during and after the programmes. Our graduates are employed internationally in governments, the private sector and family business. I welcome you to the world of online learning which is the best option for people ready to compete in the future world of work.    

This page provides information on how we are governed and managed. 

Professor Everd Maniple, Vice Chancellor
Lady Justice Flavia Anglin Senoga


The Chancellor is the titular head of the University and presides over all official ceremonies of the University.  The Chancellor is appointed by the The Board of Trustees. 


I am honoured to be the ambassador of the University and support the Vice-Chancellor,  The Board of Trustees and The  Governing Council to develop a sustainable and stable institution where quality and integrity are the cornerstones of our education.’     

how are we governed

Virtual University of Uganda (VUU) is owned by Educational Capital Funding Limited (ECF), a company registered in the UK, established to support higher education institutions in Africa to become financially self-sustaining. ECF is owned jointly by a UK-based entrepreneur and a company (Petromall Limited) which specialises in the Oil and Gas industry.  ECF acquired the ownership of VUU in July 2017.


Our purpose is to provide postgraduate learning and teaching of the highest standard and to contribute to economic growth of Africa region through research and developing links between higher learning institutions, business and the community.


Our governance arrangements identify who is responsible and accountable for setting the University’s direction and for overseeing its operations. We operate under the stewardship of the Board of Trustees with the Governing Council as the oversight and policy-making body. Council delegates responsibility for developing strategies and the overall management of operations to the Senior Management Team. Council also delegates certain decision-making responsibility and project delivery to the formal committee structure.


The University operates under the stewardship of the Board of Trustees which is responsible for establishing and maintaining the University’s mission, vision and objectives.  They guide the administration of the University and monitor implementation of The Strategic Plan.

Mr Grayson Nash


Professor Charles Olweny

Mr. Walter Ogwal

Dr Patrick Bitature

Mr Matthias Magoola

Vice Chacellor

Professor Everd Maniple, Secretary


The Governing Council is the supreme authority of the University acting with powers vested in it by the Board of Trustees. As the governing body, it exercises powers of general oversight over the institution and its affairs.

 The Council ensures the sustainability of the University by working with the Board of Trustees to set the institutional mission and strategy. In addition, it ensures effective implementation of policies, the establishment of effective systems of control and risk management.

The members of Council are experienced in governance and administration.


Dr. Ham Mulira

Chair, council

Vice Chacellor

Professor Everd Maniple ​


Mrs Dolorence Wakida

Vice Chair, Council

Ms Evelyn Grace Ayot



Professor Paul Mugambi

Member Member of the quality assurance COMMITTEE

Mrs Sarah Omwene



Professor Charles Olweny


Miss Gertrude Kayaga


Adalbertus Kamanzi

Dr Adalbertus Kamanzi

Director of Programmes

Dr Anthony Tibaingana



Ms Jennifer Mpyisi

business development director

Mr Jeremy Kirk


Mrs Mikki Hall

Commercial and Market Strategy Consultant


The Senate is the supreme academic body of the university, responsible for setting academic standards and policies, approving programmes, courses and awards, as well as approving results.

Professor Everd Maniple

Vice Chancellor, Chairman of Senate

Dr Adalbertus Kamanzi

Director of Programmes

Dr Albin Kalolo

Programme Leader, Public Health

Dr Anthony Tibaingana

Programme Leader, Business Administration

Dr Joab Ezra Agaba

Programme Leader, ICT

Mr Mark Riley

Student Representative

Mrs Sarah Omwene


Mrs Victoria Lindo-Ndagire

Senior Assistant Registrar

Mr Rene Eno-Aka

Quality Assurance Manager

VUU timeline


University licence granted

Provisional licence to operate as the private university granted by the National Council for Higher Education, Uganda


New Chancellor appointed

Lady Justice Flavia Senoga installed as the first Chancellor


First programmes launched

Public Health and International Development programmes approved for teaching


New Vice Chancellor appointed

Professor Michel Lejeune appointed as the second Vice Chancellor 


MBA programme launched

VUU responds to the demand by introducing an online Executive MBA programme


Corporate Academy opens

Responding to industry demands, VUU introduces a portfolio of short courses through Corporate Academy


First graduation takes place

VUU celebrates the achievements of the students from Public Health, Executive MBA and International Development at the first VUU graduation


VUU gains new owners

Educational Capital Funding Ltd acquires VUU


New Vice Chancellor appointed

Prof. Everd B. Maniple PHD appointed as the new Vice Chancellor


Chancellor re-appointed

Lady Justice Flavia Senoga is re-appointed as Chancellor


Third graduation takes place

VUU celebrates the achievements of the students from Public Health, ICT4D, Executive MBA and International Development at the third VUU graduation


VUU born


First Vice Chancellor appointed

Professor Deirdre Carabine appointed the First Vice Chancellor


First student cohort

VUU admits its first students  to Public Heath and International Development programmes 


New programme launched: ICT4D

Aligning to strategic priorities for Uganda and East Africa Region, VUU launches Information Communications Technology for Development programme


Second graduation takes place

VUU celebrates the achievements of the students from Public Health and International Development at the first VUU graduation


New website launched

VUU marketing team launch a new responsive and interactive website


New Marketing director appointed

Mr. Brian Ntambirweki is appointed as the first Marketing Director at VUU