HSE in Drilling

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About This Course

You will gain a high level overview of drilling technology, techniques and operations. It is designed to explain drilling equipment, drilling terminology and acronyms, planning a drilling operation, potential well problems and solutions and information contained in a report.

What you will learn

Drilling process
• Drilling terminology, abbreviations and acronyms
• Drilling rig equipment
• Drill string design
• Drill bits – principles and types of drill bits
• Casing design
• Cementing
• Drilling fluid purpose, types and properties
• Solids control equipment
• Underbalanced and managed pressure drilling
• Directional & horizontal drilling
• Formation evaluati

Target Group

• Drilling crew
• Petroleum engineers and geoscientists
• upstream officials

Meet the team

Derek Rae
Tutor of the Program

Irene Kawala
Director, Corporate Academy

Bayigga Haula
Coordinator, School of Energy and Hydrocarbons
  • Duration:

5 days

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  • Cost:
$ 300 – Uganda
$ 500 – International
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+256 700 518 378