MA in International Development

International Studies are at the heart of understanding and dealing with so many issues that regard relations within and among nations. If you wish to become an agent of change in the social transformation of communities and societies at the local, national, and international levels, or you want to progress to senior roles at either operational, policy or commissioning in your government, a private or public organization in your country or another country, our International Development programme will help you develop skills and competences you need to enhance your career prospects.

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August 2020/January 2021




10 modules and a dissertation on International Development completed in 2 - 4 years depending on your schedule and learning goals

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US$ 250
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US$ 2900
UGX 10,730,000
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About this programme

Our MA in International Development provides a high quality, interdisciplinary, postgraduate qualification to professionals wishing to deepen their understanding of the core aspects of international development, policies and practice.

We have design the programme to enable graduates become change-makers by equipping them with tools and expertise needed to generate a positive impact at the local and international scale. The course explores aspects of international development the following key thematic areas:  International political economy; poverty and inequality; leadership, governance and management; and the environment

You will be able to

  • Critically understand the theory and practice of international development and analyze different perspectives in relation to international development.

  • Provide insights on key strategies, policies and practices designed to promote international development.

  • Develop skills for analyzing policies, planning and management of development and actions for reducing poverty, inequality, access to education and other issues that negatively affect the globe.

  • Join the VUU network of international experts and professionals that enables sharing of experiences, knowledge, and practices for you to engage in future career and job opportunities.

What you'll learn

In this programme, you will take 10 modules each weighted at 4 or  5 Credit Units and write an MA dissertation worth 12 Credit Units in the specific area of International Development.   You are free to take a minimum of 1 module to a maximum of three modules in a term.  A term is made up of 3 months of study and one week of final module examination.  Each student shall spend an additional 6 to 9 months of supervised dissertation writing to fulfill the requirements for the MA in International Development.

Therefore, this study model provides the flexibility that enables you to complete the MA in International Development Programme in 2 to 4 academic years depending on the pace that suits your schedule and learning goals.

You will study:

Institutional Requirements (Mandatory)

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  2. Research Methodology

Foundational Modules (Mandatory)

  1.  Introduction to ICT4D
  2. World Development Today 

Core Modules  (Mandatory)

  1.   Development Discourse
  2.   Gender, Women, and Development 
  3.   Environment and Sustainable Development
  4.   International Human Rights
  1. International Relations, Intervention, and Aid
  2. Project Planning and Management

MA Dissertation in International Development (Mandatory)

Target students

We have design the programme for people working in a wide range of development organizations both within developing economies and internationally. The programme is also open to recent graduates of social sciences intending to advance their professional career to promote sustainable social, economic and environmental prosperity worldwide.

Career Prospects

The International Development programme opens doors for graduates to a wide range of development-related fields including policy, research and practice both locally and internationally. We will prepare the students for employment in specialist positions with Public Authorities, International Development agencies, NGOs, Charities, Consultancies, Project Management, Education and Human Resources among others. Graduates also enroll in PhD programmes and some to further continue into academic careers.

The programme prepares our students to leap into a high impact career and work towards a sustainable future.

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