Master of Business Administration

Are you ready to start your business career? Choose your desired MBA programme and join us in August 2020 and January 2021! 

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August 2020/January 2021




10 courses and a Dissertation offered on a modular basis. Each course runs for eight weeks.

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Fees per course

US$ 300
UGX 1,110,000
How to pay

Fees per programme

US$ 3000
UGX 12,580,000
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About the MBA

There is a huge demand for competent and creative business leaders and managers with skills to take businesses to the next level 📈. Our MBA has pathways in Executive MBA, Environmental Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Oil and Gas Management and Women in Finance.

Why study with us

You will study and consult with an international staff made up of leading academics, practitioners and researchers in International Studies from 22 countries.

Our Business Administration programme comprises a diverse, international and friendly group of professionals who, together, make a rich social and professional network that allows the exchange of broad experiences, knowledge, and practices for you to engage in future for consultancies, career and job opportunities.

Designed with busy people in mind, the programme is delivered 100% online giving you the opportunity to study at the convenience of your home, office or smartphone, saving you the trouble of travelling to the lecture room or even leaving your home country.

The modular nature of the programme and the favourable teaching hours allow you to attend only those courses that you can afford in a year, thus offering you the opportunity to learn while you earn and fitting your studies around your work, family and life commitments, without taking a career break.

Our application process is free. Our fees payment schedule is flexible, allowing you to pay in modular instalments. International students can even pay in local currency.

We have five intakes a year (January, March, May, August and October), thus allowing you to join at your earliest convenience.

We also have opportunities for scholarships and bursaries and partnerships for internship and mentoring with leaders in the relevant industry of interest.

There is a high demand for competent and creative business leaders and managers with skills in the upstream, midstream and down stream management areas in order to take business practice in the Oil and Gas Industry to the next level! 

With the increasing prices of commodities, the growing scarcity of production resources, and emergent scrutiny of business operations and their entire value chain by the public, it has become a strategic goal for businesses to develop and implement greater social and environmental efficiencies across the globe.

Become a future leader and professional of the hospitality and tourism sector, equipped to convene identify and manage sustainable business prospects in the sector at the highest level with an advanced understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry and with a managerial perspective of how to run such organisations.

Want to become a competent and creative business leader and manager with skills to take business practice to the next level? This programme will transform you into a creative, and highly-trained business professional with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about transformative change in existing business practices.

MBA Women in Finance shall provide you with the modern financial management skills and knowledge for high value-added positions available in the Financial Services and industry locally and globally. Join us for the next intake! 

Meet the tutors

"VUU has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be an all-around manager in the health sector"
Leonard Were
Executive MBA