MBA (Generic)

Want to become a competent and creative business leader and manager with skills to take business practice to the next level? This programme will transform you into a creative, and highly-trained business professional with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about transformative change in existing business practices.

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10 modules and an MBA dissertation completed in 2 - 4 years depending on your schedule and learning goals

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US$ 300
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US$ 3,400
UGX 12,580,000
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About this programme

Want to become a competent and creative business leader and manager with skills to take business practice to the next level? Transforming existing business practices will not happen overnight but is possible when sufficient numbers of business professionals adhere to best business practices.

The overall aim of the programme is to develop a cadre of dynamic, creative, and highly trained business professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about a transformative change in the existing business practices. The program challenges students to develop professional skills, knowledge and networks in close collaboration with their surrounding society while integrating international best business practices that prepare them to convene successful and viable businesses of the future.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Experience a new standard of quality in executive learning
  • Display a strategic mindset and skill-set in business engagements
  • Competent critical thinkers and result oriented decision-makers.
  • Recognize their role of responsible stewardship to financial, social and natural capital
  • Bring about a transformative change, continual improvement and innovation in organizations
  • Value and take advantage of the benefits of collaborative learning.

What you'll learn

In this programme, you will take 10 modules each weighted at 4 or  5 Credit Units and write an MBA dissertation worth 12 Credit Units .   You are free to take a minimum of 1 module to a maximum of three modules in a term.  A term is made up of 3 months of study and one week of final module examination.  Each student shall spend an additional 6 to 9 months of supervised dissertation writing to fulfill the requirements for the MBA (Generic).

Therefore, this study model  provides flexibility that enables you to complete the MBA (Generic) programme in 2 to 4 academic years depending on the pace that suits your schedule and learning  goals.

You will study:

Institutional Requirements (Mandatory)

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  2. Research Methodology

Core MBA Modules  (Mandatory)

  1.   Strategic Leadership and Management
  2.   Managing People in Organisation
  3.   Strategic Operations and Procurement Management
  4.   Financial Management
  5.   Contemporary Marketing Strategies and Practices

Elective MBA Modules (Choose any three)

  1.   e-business Technology and Management
  2.   International Business
  3.   Choose any module from other MBA specialisations

MBA Dissertation (Mandatory)

Target students

We have designed our MBA programme:

  • For individuals and executives seeking appropriate management and leadership skills

  • For individuals seeking competencies to better position themselves for future advancement and success.

  • For individuals who are looking to change their career direction or consolidate experiences then return and progress in a previous industry or job. 

  • For graduates that expect to develop skills and critical thinking in business, management and administration.

  • For those looking to gain the entrepreneurial tools that will enable them to put their own business plan into practice.

Career Prospects

The Executive MBA is an open door for graduates to a wide range of enterprise-focused careers both in their local and international markets. Students will enrol in management and leadership positions in private agencies, consultancies, governments, NGOs and international organizations.  The Executive MBA programme will offer graduates a competitive edge despite the current competitive nature of the employment market.

Meet the tutors

Current course: Managing People in Organizations

“Going with the flow” is not a good approach to managing organisations and people. Nowadays organisations, public or private, large or small, local or international are intricate entities that require constant attention and care. To do this, one needs concepts, models, and tools that will make analysis possible and lead to logical conclusions including the choice of the relevant approach to steer the people and the organisation in the right direction. This course will lead you through several stages aimed at better understanding of organisations and the functioning of the people within them.

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