Oil Spill Training and Accreditation

This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the International Conventions and legal frameworks in place that can support an incident role of Government Agencies and industry during an incident and effective implementation of contingency plans.

Current intake

November, 2019

About This Course

You will gain awareness of site assessment and set-up, shoreline types, environmental issues, response strategies, equipment and site waste management, hands-on equipment experience to: Organise the resources safely and efficiently at the spill site and fully utilise the resources available on a site effectively.

You will also gain a comprehension of the incident strategies and tactics that could be implementedthroughout a response, appreciation of the additional hazards faced by responders during an incident, media expectations and effective communications whilst protecting your company’s reputation.

What you will learn





3 days

Shoreline Site Supervisor


4 days

On-Scene Commander


4 days

Oil Spill Management

Target Group

  • Drill rig crew,
  • Petroleum engineers and geoscientists
  • Upstream officials

Meet the team

Aaron Montgomery
Course Facilitator

Jamie Gathercole
Course Facilitator

Irene Kawala
Director, Corporate Academy

Bayigga Haula
Coordinator, School of Energy and Natural Resources

Dennis Peach
Course Facilitator
  • Duration:

2 weeks

  • Mode of Delivery:


  • Cost:
$ 1000 – Uganda
$ 1200 – International
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  • Phone :

+256 700 518 378