Petroleum Economics Modelling

Petroleum economics is one of the most influential players in the world economy, so having a comprehensive understanding of this vital area is key for anyone working within the oil and gas or energy industries.

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About This Course

 Petroleum economics is about how oil and gas activities are driven by economic considerations, and how the values are shared. This course will enlighten participants on petroleum economics, cash flow analysis, economic models and spreadsheet design, managing risks and uncertainty as well as decision analysis. Also covered is and project evaluation and financial modeling.

What you will learn

  • Production Profiles, Project Cash Flow & Profitability
  • Unit Cost, Break evens Prices, Tariffs
  • Inflation & Exchange Rate
  • Time Value of Money and DCF Method of Valuation
  • Exploration Economics, Appraisal & Value of Information
  • Decommissioning Economics
  • Economic Indicators for Decision Making
  • Modeling a royal/ Tax concession in Excel
  • Modeling a PSC in Excel
  • Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis
  • Introduction to Petroleum Contracts
    • Royalty/Tax Concessions
    • Production Sharing Contract
    • Risk Service Contracts

Target Group

Introduction to the energy industry is designed for:

  • regulators and government officials
  • ENERGY industry professionals new to the industry
  • Non professionals enthusiastic about the energy industry. 

Meet the team

Muktar Rahman
Course Facilitator

Irene Kawala
Director Corporate Academy

Haula Bayigga
Coordinator School of Energy and Hydro Carbons
  • Duration:

2 weeks

  • Mode of Delivery:

Online or Face to face

  • Cost:
$ 200 – Uganda
$ 300 – International
  • Email :
  • Phone :

+256 700 518 378

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