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Choosing where to do your postgraduate education is often a very difficult question for many people, especially adult professionals. You think of abandoning your family and friends (especially if you are the sole breadwinner, if you have significant-other dependents, or you are a young adult, recently married or with young children, or have other domestic or social commitments.


Resigning your job (and going without pay or just half-pay, and the hassle of looking for another job when you complete the programme); raising the thousands of dollars required for tuition, travel and accommodation (maybe, you are even above the age eligible for most scholarships, or your employer wants to bond you for an unreasonably long time), or you do not have permission or favour from your employers or supervisors who think that you might demand for higher pay or take their positions when you have higher qualifications. 


At VUU, we provide high quality, world-class post-graduate education at Masters degree, Diploma and Certificate levels using a user-friendly online learning platform. This enables students to advance their education and careers without leaving their work, home or country.


Our courses

At the Virtual University of Uganda, we are proud of our pioneering approach to delivering these post graduate courses online.

All VUU programmes are delivered via an e-learning platform and are entirely online. This means that all learning materials are accessed online (using Moodle), including live classes, tutorials, and discussion forums; exams are also done online at the end of each course.

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Public Health research and practice is at the heart of tackling many of the current threats to health. If you wish to become an agent of change in health status for individuals or communities, or a public health leader and/or are aiming to progress to senior roles at either operational, policy or commissioning in your organisation

International Studies are at the heart of understanding and dealing with so many issues that regard relations within and among nations. If you wish to become an agent of change in the social transformation of communities and societies at the local, national, and international levels, or you want t

The demand for competent and creative business leaders and managers with skills to take business business practice to the next level in the African context and beyond  is undisputed today.

This is exacerbated by the dearth of requisite skills given the situation and realities on the ground exhibited in most training institutions.


The programme consists of 10 courses offered on a modular basis over a 20-month period followed by six months to finalise the dissertation or research paper. Each course runs for eight weeks.

ICT, development, innovation

The purpose of this programme is to equip ICT leaders with a thorough knowledge of the theories and methods of ICT for development and enable them to maximize the use of ICTs in different contexts.

MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management gets you ready for your next career move in the evolving, fast-paced, and rewarding world of the hospitality and tourism industry. You will develop your business and management skills for a range of hospitality sectors including accommodation, food and beverages, guest services, leisure and tourism.

With the increasing prices of commodities, the growing scarcity of production resources, and emergent scrutiny of business operations and their entire value chain by the public, it has become a strategic goal for businesses to develop and implement greater social and environmental efficiencies across the globe.

This programme is designed for oil and gas industry professionals who have considerable oil and gas engineering operational experience but have had little or no education in management responsibilities and methods. It is a blend of engineering and management topics that will produce an engineering manager with rounded capabilities.

We have five intakes

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"As an international academic, I have studied a number of online courses at various universities internationally. The one I studied at Virtual University of Uganda was high standard at global level. Online live sessions were high quality and interactive taught by professional academics. I am happy that I participated in such a great programme in Project Management at VUU"
Serkan Baykugoslu
Accountant at Structure Tone