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At the Virtual University of Uganda, we are proud of our pioneering approach to delivering postgraduate courses online.

All VUU programmes are delivered via an e-learning platform and are entirely online. This means that learners will access all learning materials online, including live classes, tutorials, and discussion forums. Learners will also do online assessments during the duration of each course.

Public Health research and practice is at the heart of tackling many of the current threats to health. If you wish to become an agent of change in health status for individuals or communities, or a public health leader and/or are aiming to progress to senior roles at either operational, policy or commissioning in your organisation

There is a high demand for competent and creative business leaders and managers with skills in the upstream, midstream and down stream management areas in order to take business practice in the Oil and Gas Industry to the next level! 

Gain excellent capabilities on the use of digital innovation technologies to provide both theoretical and practical proficiency for international and social development!

MBA Women in Finance shall provide you with the modern financial management skills and knowledge for high value-added positions available in the Financial Services and industry locally and globally. Join us for the next intake! 

With the increasing prices of commodities, the growing scarcity of production resources, and emergent scrutiny of business operations and their entire value chain by the public, it has become a strategic goal for businesses to develop and implement greater social and environmental efficiencies across the globe.

Want to become a competent and creative business leader and manager with skills to take business practice to the next level? This programme will transform you into a creative, and highly-trained business professional with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about transformative change in existing business practices.

Become a future leader and professional of the hospitality and tourism sector, equipped to convene identify and manage sustainable business prospects in the sector at the highest level with an advanced understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry and with a managerial perspective of how to run such organisations.

International Studies are at the heart of understanding and dealing with so many issues that regard relations within and among nations. If you wish to become an agent of change in the social transformation of communities and societies at the local, national, and international levels, or you want to progress to senior roles at either operational, policy or commissioning in your government, a private or public organization in your country or another country, our International Studies programme will help you develop skills and competences you need to enhance your career prospects.

With the emerging growth of the Energy Sector, there is a need for professionals with a blend of engineering and management skills. This programme is designed to produce an engineering manager with rounded capabilities

Oil and Gas Fundamentals

This course will provide you with an overview of principal activities in the international upstream petroleum industry.

The course will explain the position of the upstream section of the oil and gas industry in the value chain. It will also include conventional and unconventional resources, drilling and production processes and facilities, economic fiscal and risk issues.
"VUU has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be an all-around manager in the health sector"
Leonard Were
Executive MBA

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