This course will give you an overview of various techniques used in the management of an asset, throughout its life cycle, from discovery to end of production.

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About This Course

This course will equip you with the knowledge on data acquisition, analysis, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), economic assessment and reservoir model.

You will cover the basic techniques used in modern reservoir management and reservoir monitoring.  The reservoir management process with data analysis, reservoir dynamic modeling, and production operations will be discussed.  Surface facilities, related project evaluations and economics will be covered.  The class will also cover the general aspects of reservoir monitoring and planning.

What you will gain

  1. Apply the principles of sound reservoir management
  2. Use the interdisciplinary synergistic approach to efficient reservoir management
  3. Include each reservoir management component and the importance of timing and cost/benefit analysis.

What you will learn

  • The anatomy of a petroleum accumulation
  • The SPE-AAPG-WPC-SPEE-SEG 2011 standard
  • Definitions and classification of petroleum resources
  • Reservoir geometry and characteristics
  • Assessment of petroleum resources
  • Deterministic and Probabilistic methods
  • Economic Assessment of petroleum reserves and resources
  • Unconventional resources estimation
  • Production metering and entitlement.

Target Group

Introduction to the energy industry is designed for:

  • regulators and government officials
  • ENERGY industry professionals new to the industry
  • Non professionals enthusiastic about the energy industry. 

Meet the team

Roberto Bencini
Courses Facilitattor
Haula Bayigga
Coordinator School of  Energy and Natural Resources
  • Duration:

2 weeks

  • Mode of Delivery:

Online or Face to face

  • Cost:

USD 400 – Uganda
USD 600 – International

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