VUU was at the 2019 Oil and Gas summit in Uganda

We anticipated the 2019 summit to be the biggest Oil and Gas summit in Uganda and it did not disappoint. There were 400 attendees from 125 countries present at the summit. Among the attendees were staff from the Virtual University of Uganda.

 The attendees were engaged in several topical discussions that included a national outlook of the current oil and gas industry. Also discussed was the role of technology in the sector, local content, finance and collaborations, talent development, future of the sector, opportunities and challenges presented by Uganda’s power and energy sectors.

As a bronze sponsor, the Virtual University of Uganda had an active role at the event. Besides, our faculty being present, delivering presentations and taking part in the discussions, we also had a stall where we exhibited our products and services.

Also, present as a co-sponsor was PetroMall, our partner oil and gas company. They were equally part of the discussion and exhibited their services at the event.