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What is e-learning?

E-learning is education that is delivered via the Internet. VUU is a pioneering online university in Africa that delivers online postgraduate education in a creative and challenging way that can rival, and even surpass, traditional teaching in a classroom.

Online education is education that is delivered via the internet. Throughout the world, e-learning is fast becoming an important mode of education delivery not only for online students, but also for full-time students at many of the larger universities. However, online learning necessitates a change of paradigm; a recasting of the traditional conception of a university. Classrooms, lecturer’s offices, sports facilities, and student residences are largely made redundant, while servers become the centre of the university’s education provision.

As a pioneering virtual university on the African continent, VUU delivers online education in a creative and challenging way to provide first-class education that can rival, and even surpass, the traditional full-time programme where one teacher stands in one classroom, teaching one class, for one timetable hour. In a world where multi-media is no longer a set of different technologies to be brought together in one learning package but is encompassed within the computer itself, stimulation is a major component of an online course. In this age of Twitter and Facebook, young (and not so young) people are familiar with chat-rooms, synchronous and asynchronous meetings, and downloading video and audio files. Engaging with online materials that include video and audio clips at the click of a mouse makes the learning experience much more pleasurable and satisfying for the self-regulated learner using a Virtual Learning Environment. With energy, creativity, and visionary leadership, e-universities can engage with providing online education in flexible ways that support the learner while re-thinking a curriculum fit for the twenty-first century.

At VUU, we are committed to providing relevant and practical training, not only through innovative and creative teaching, but also by using the latest electronic means to deliver and enhance the student learning experience. Our customised Virtual Learning Environment, “Moodle”, hosted by UP Learning in The Netherlands, is a user-friendly way of accessing learning materials online using a variety of multi-media materials to enhance the learning process. The university is committed to using Open Source software and are fully could based.

Through our Moodle Platform, our students can access learning materials, post assignments, enter discussions with their peers, check their VUU email account, search, download, and read in our e-library, and keep in constant contact with their course tutors. Our e-library is an extensive collection of resources that can be accessed by staff, students, and the general public 24/7. In striving to attain our goal, we believe our programmes are a creative response to the emerging challenge of ICTs in the provision of further education.

The tutors for our programmes are drawn from highly-skilled, well-qualified educationalists and professionals from Uganda, the region, and further afield. Their wide range of skills, competencies, and strengths ensures that all students are exposed to a variety of viewpoints and knowledge in the pursuit of knowledge enrichment.