MBA (Women in Finance)

MBA (Women in Finance) shall provide you with the modern financial management skills and knowledge for high value-added positions available in the Financial Services and industry locally and globally. Join us for the next intake! šŸ‘©šŸ¾ā€šŸŽ“


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August 2020/January 2021




10 modules and a dissertation on Women in Finance completed in 2 - 4 years depending on your schedule and learning goals

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US$ 300
UGX 1,110,000
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US$ 3,400
UGX 12,580,000
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About this programme

Our MBA (Women in Finance) aims at developing and equipping women with the balance of academic knowledge and technical skills for high value-added positions available in the Financial Services industry locally and globally. The financial management skills acquired will prepare our students to succeed as investors, entrepreneurs and consumers of financial products and services

We have partnered with the Women in Finance Network (The Network) of the GraƧa Machel Trust to offer this programme. The Network, founded in 2010, is a pan-African advocacy organization aiming to position women in leadership positions of financial institutions, with a presence in 17 African Countries. It is a driver of social and economic change for women across the African continent.

You will be able to:

  • apply theories and frameworks to evaluate options to innovate, adjust and execute the financial strategy
  • measure and manage financial risk at both an individual and organisational level and to appreciate the dynamic linkages between ā€œrisk appetiteā€ and return performance;
  • advise of the important financial decisions on investment, financing and divided decisions using modern financial management ratio
  • critically analyse contemporary issues in financial services and take part in their organisationsā€™ strategic management
  • appreciate the broader macro-environmental factors, such as austerity and stimulus, interest rates, and exchange rates. impact on global and domestic economic activity and influence the financial services industry and its customers
  • become finance leaders at institutional, local, regional, sector, national and international levels.

Women with this academic training will enjoy the benefitsĀ of greater employability in their professional career, besides better opportunities forĀ professional promotion and greater sustainability of personal business ventures.

What you'll learn

In this programme, you will take 10 modules each weighted at 4 orĀ  5 Credit Units and write a dissertation worth 12 Credit Units in the specific area of Women in Finance . Ā  You are free to take a minimum of 1 module to a maximum of three modules in a term.Ā  A term is made up of 3 months of study and one week of final module examination.Ā  Each student shall spend an additional 6 to 9 months of supervised dissertation writing to fulfill the requirements for the MBA (Women in Finance Specialisation).

Therefore, this study modelĀ  provides flexibility that enables you to complete the MBA (Women in Finance)Ā  programme in 2 to 4 academic years depending on the pace that suits your schedule and learningĀ  goals.

You will study:

Institutional Requirements (Mandatory)

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  2. Research Methodology

Core MBA ModulesĀ  (Mandatory)

  1. Ā  Strategic Leadership and Management OR Creative Corporate Entrepreneurship
  2. Ā  Managing People in Organisation
  3. Ā  Procurement and Contract Negotiations OR Strategic Operations and Procurement Management
  4. Ā  Financial Accounting
  5. Ā  Contemporary Marketing Strategies and PracticesĀ  OR e-Business Technology Management

Women in Finance Specialisation Modules

  1. Ā  Gender in Finance and Development
  2. Ā  Financial Management
  3. Ā  Financial Investment Analysis

MBA Dissertation on Women in FinanceĀ  (Mandatory)

Target students

We have designed this programmeĀ for women in finance positions in financial institutions such as banks, micro-finance organisations, and those interested in taking on a career as women financial advisors and those who would like to become active actors in the finance sector.

The programme is also open to recent graduates with a bachelorā€™s degree, intending to achieve an MBA to advance their professional career.

Also suitable for those intending to pursue a PhD in Finance Management in future

Career Prospects

Graduates of the MBA Women in finance will break into traditional fields; break through the glass ceiling in industries that are still male-dominated and equipped with strong leadership skills at their helm, hence proving their mastery of hard skills, like the ability to crunch numbers, interpret data, and manage operations.

Graduates can also enrol in PhD programmes to further continue into academic careers.

Entry requirements

To be eligible, you must have completed a bachelorā€™s degree with an honours class (at least 2nd Class Lower), granted by a recognised university in Finance or related disciplines.

Having knowledge in the fields of economics and basic quantitative subjects is an added advantage.

Women in finance Scholarship

Our Women in Finance scholarship scheme aims to inspire talented female candidates who may require financial Aid to enable them to advance their career. We are pleased to offer scholarships of up 75%Ā to exceptional female candidates who show outstanding academic achievement and career potential.

Please apply early, for consideration for Women in Finance scholarship,

Meet the Facilitators

Current course: Managing People in Organizations

ā€œGoing with the flowā€ is not a good approach to managing organisations and people. Nowadays organisations, public or private, large or small, local or international are intricate entities that require constant attention and care. To do this, one needs concepts, models, and tools that will make analysis possible and lead to logical conclusions including the choice of the relevant approach to steer the people and the organisation in the right direction. This course will lead you through several stages aimed at better understanding of organisations and the functioning of the people within them.

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