MBA Women in Finance

MBA Women in Finance provides women with the modern financial management skills and knowledge necessary to enable them to lead in the creation and growth of high-impact business in the technology-driven rapidly changing macro and micro-financial sectors at national and international levels.

Next start date

Launching January 2019




10 courses offered on a modular basis. Each course runs for eight weeks.

How to apply

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Fees per course

US$ 550
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Programme overview

The programme is designed to develop the participants’ technical knowledge of the finance sector and financial management skills needed to position women as decision-makers in the finance industry, investors, entrepreneurs as well as consumers of financial products and services, thus creating a competitive advantage for women in finance at all levels, especially those working within financial institutions.

We have partnered with the Women in Finance Network (The Network) of the Graça Machel Trust to offer this programme. The Network, founded in 2010, is a pan-African advocacy organization aiming to position women in leadership positions of finance institutions, with a presence in 17 African Countries. It is a driver of social and economic change for women across the African continent.

Developed jointly with the Women in Finance Network, this high-quality MBA Women in Finance programme has been specifically tailored to the needs of women in finance who are in finance or wish to get there, using a gendered approach and mainstreams gender issues. 

The programme will equip women in financial management positions with necessary skills to:

  •  make robust financial forecasts
  • make and advise of the important financial decisions on investment, financing and dividend decisions using modern financial management ratio
  • take part in their organisations’ strategic management
  • add value in tackling the scarcity of resources
  • provide planning, negotiating and financial risk analysis expertise
  •   become finance leaders at institutional, local, regional, sector, national and international levels.


Women with this academic training will enjoy the benefits of greater employability in their professional career, in addition to better opportunities of professional promotion and greater sustainability of personal business ventures.

Target students

This programme is delivered fully online and uniquely designed for women in finance positions in financial institutions eg banks, micro-finance organisations, and those interested in taking on a career as women financiers. The programme is also designed for women who would like to become active actors in the finance sector.

The programme is also open to recent graduates with Bachelors degree, with intention to get an MBA. The programme is also suitable for those intending to pursue PhDs in Finance Management PhDs in future. The online mode of delivery ensures maximum convenience to the learners, avoiding wasting time and the costs of travelling to class.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to join the programme, you should have completed a Bachelors degree with an honours class (at least 2nd Class Lower) and having relevant work experience in financial management.

You will also be required to pass our online Graduate Admission Test.

The course is also open to recent graduates with Bachelors degree intending to pursue academic careers to PhD in future.

Up to 75% scholarship available 

Why study with us

You will have an opportunity to study and consult with an international staff made up of leading academics, practitioners and researchers from 17 countries. Through the Graça Machel Trust you will have access to experts from the Network’s Country Chapters and its related institutions, other women’s organisations in the diaspora and guest speakers from among practice-oriented tutors.
By joining this programme you will have the opportunities to attend our short courses, particularly in oil and gas specialisations and other traditionally male-dominated sectors.


Our MBA programme consists of a diverse, international and friendly group of professionals who, together, make a rich social and professional network that allows exchange of broad experiences, knowledge, and practices for you to engage in future for consultancies, career and job opportunities.

Designed with busy people in mind, the programme is delivered 100% online giving you the opportunity to study at the convenience of your home, office or smartphone, saving you the trouble of travelling to the lecture room or even leaving your home country.

We have five intakes per year